I am super excited to share what I have created with you! I have always been the girl  coming up with wild ideas to raise awareness or money for different causes.

My mind never seems to stop coming up with
ideas of how to help those who are lease fortune than I am. Ltd. Shop is just one of those  ideas that has slowly become a reality. Now your probably wondering what will this shop be selling? Handmade cards is the answer. I have always loved craft and creating cards for family and friends when I have had the time. I thought “why not do this and help make a difference?”. So this idea began to form and now it is slowly but surely coming together.

Now you must be thinking “how is this going to help anybody?”. Well, the plan is make sets of cards (between 30 – 50 cards) for different organisations the proceeds from the cards going directly to the work they do.  When I originally started this blog / website I knew that I wanted to use it to make a difference somehow.

 I could not see into the future as to how exactly it would work. God in His goodness did and He knew that now is the perfect time to start this venture! I am super excited to start the Ltd. Shop. I hope that you will be too and enjoy  buying and sharing theses cards that help make a difference with your loved ones.

The first organisation that Ltd. will be partnering  with is Kids Outreach International . Ltd. Shop will be selling handmade Christmas cards with all proceeds going towards KOI. I am super excited to be working alongside KIO and with you. All cards are made to order with love.
You can find out more about KOI and the work they do here.