We are excited to present our third  #theincurablefanatic to you! Brittany is an amazing women with a heart of gold and a heart for making a positive impact in the world. Through her music, dancing and awesome Facebook page A Smile A Day Brittany shares her love for life with those around her!

Tell us a little about yourself! 

My name is Brittany Fenwick, founder of A Smile a Day. I am a singer-songwriter, a chaplain, a dancer and a believer in all things laughter.


You run a great Facebook page called ‘ A Smile a Day’. Tell us more about it.

A Smile a Day: ASAD is all about bringing encouragement and joy to people’s lives. I started the page because I realised that nearly everything dominating social media was negative. I remember having a bad day and all it took was one simple kind comment from a stranger to completely change my day. the power to turn someone’s day from absolute rubbish to enjoyable can lie in something as simple as a kind word from someone or a smile from a stranger. A Smile a Day is there for the simple task of bringing joy and smiles to all its page visitors. 

What inspired you start ‘A Smile a Day’?

No kind deed is wasted. A smile costs you nothing, holding the door open for someone costs you nothing, being kind to others costs you absolutely nothing. Including people who feel rejected, listening to their stories, showing empathy, sending someone a kind text message. All these things are so easy and so open to us and they cost us nothing but could mean the absolute world to someone else


If you could give any advice to an Incurable Fanatics out there who wish to be more encouraging to those around them what would it be?

My advice? Be kind. look for ways to help others and encourage AT LEAST one person every single day for the rest of the year. Write it down every day who you encouraged and put their names in a jar. At the end of the year open the jar and look at their names. Realize that in one year you brightened 365 people’s days go out, be kind, encourage others, be kind to yourself and love others always

Make sure you check out Brittany’s Facebook page A Smile a Day!