The first organisation that Ltd. will be partnering with is Kids Outreach International . Ltd. Shop will be selling handmade Christmas cards with all proceeds going towards KOI.

Kids Outreach International Limited (KOI) was founded in Australia in 1998 and is an international interdenominational Christian charity and humanitarian aid organisation dedicated to improving the lot of children throughout the world, particularly focusing on the emerging nations of Eastern Europe and West Asia, and other economically distressed nations.

While maintaining its independence of any church or political organisation, KOI co-operates with all Christian communities who acknowledge and live by the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and who are for the guarantee of freedom of religion and conscience.

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Love for Kids – Russia is an exchange program for foreign Christian volunteers to spend time in Russian children’s recreational camps, orphanages or rehabilitation centres.  During this time, these teams run cultural, health and life-skills, “Stranger danger” and child exploitation prevention education and spiritual programs for the children.

Their programs also include an anti- human trafficking program that educates Russia children about the the industry. Steps they can take to prevent themselves from every finding themselves in that siltation or anybody else they may know.

I am super excited to be working alongside KIO and with you. All cards are made to order with love.  You can purchase cards here.

To find out more about KOI head to their website.