We are excited to announce that our founder, Leah will be participating in Run India Challenger! For 12 weeks starting from the 22nd of August till the 12 of November!We are really excited to start this challenge and be part of a The Young and the Breathless team in helping to raise funds for children’s education in India!


The distance that Samantha and our team will be covering.

The challenge has been put out by World Vision in support of Samantha Gash who is actually running India. Samantha will be running a total of 3800 km across India to raise funds to support children’s education. Our team will be running the same distance as Samantha will be! That’s 3800 km in 12 weeks or 32 km a week!  The challenge is an exciting and daunting at the same time but the team is glad to be able to be part of helping making a difference!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.39.49 PM

Our team minus 3 members.

If you would like to  give just head to the teams fundraising page and you can give there!
If you would like to keep updated with Leah you can her personal blog or on Instagram!